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Who we are

TechLabs Giving GmbH, was founded in Basel, Switzerland on January 1, 2024 with a grant from TechLabs GmbH. TechLabs Giving is responsible for developing and delivering STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, Math) programs and content consistent with the giving mission of TechLabs' for-profit arm, and its foundation, individual and corporate donor partners.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel is a natural host for TechLabs Giving owing to its historic connection to education, and a notable global influence on pedagogy. In the sixteenth century, its university hosted a crucial role in the flourishing of knowledge during the Reformation, led by figures like Erasmus and Paracelsus. The city's commitment to pedagogical innovation is reflected in various educational institutions, including schools and cultural organizations. 

What we do

In this tradition, TechLabs Giving prioritizes projects that allow us to work with educational, cultural, and scientific institutions. TechLabs is a global leader in creating engaging STEAM content for use in classrooms, workshops and pedagogy.

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